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We are a digital marketing agency creating digital strategies for businesses and non-profit organizations dedicated to doing good and inspiring lives.

We don’t just create websites or plain Jane digital ads. We create positive digital work for authentic online growth.

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UXelle works with companies all around the globe that are dedicated to positive change. We build conversations online, improve brand’s online exposure with our creative digital marketing techniques and build websites for companies that want to do good – like yours. Let’s make the online world a better place together.


We’re a full-service digital marketing agency.

We do everything from web development, content creation to digital campaign. But we don’t sell you services you don’t need. Our true niche is growing your company’s online exposure in the most positive, genuine and meaningful way.

How we grow a company’s online presence from ground zero and increased their online sales…

With our creative online techniques and their already superb all natural products, we boosted their online sales and social media followers – receiving astounding results and eventually got them featured on Vancouver Magazine. Hard work and lots of creative juices really pay off!

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A good, affordable website is what you need to park a spot in the cyber world

We took Housing Media Matters to another digital level by revamping their online site and providing an irresistible web rate.

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No one has ever become poor from giving

We believe in giving. For every new project, we will be donating 5% to the charity we've partnered with - of your choice.

Let us help you

We are always inspired by philantrophists and those who want to make the world a better place.
Say hello, we want to hear all about your business. We are super responsive and will get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can also email hello@uxelle.co.

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“Audrey was great to work with. Super creative, open to our ideas and very personable!”

Corin BrowneHousing Matters Media

Audrey was able to build Scentuals marketing foundation from scratch and create a strong online presence for Scentuals through social media, blogs, and her digital design.

Dustin MowreyDirector of Business Development, Scentuals