Why did you leave me? 5 reasons why they are abandoning your website.

Your website is pretty. You are using the right font. You have pretty good content (or so you think). So why are your bounce and exit rate still staggering high? What makes people actually leave your website?

Here are five top reasons why your website might have quickly triggered the X button or a new window tab.

1. Your content is irrelevant. 

Irrelevant Content Make Them Leave Your Website

You don’t have what fellow Googlers are looking for. Your blog post is not useful. Every post you’ve written is about your product, what you’re good at and where they can buy your services / items.

The truth is, many of those visitors who have landed on your page are simply looking for a solution to their problem. Your items aren’t on their list of must-haves.

In summary, make your content relevant to them not you.

2. Your pretty website is not mobile-friendly

Believe it or not, everyone is on their phone every single day, every single hour and almost every second. It is not surprising that your friend is texting you or sending you funny 9gag videos while they are in the toilet…gross but that’s the reality.

This means business owners need to put extra effort to make their site beautiful not just on desktop but also on mobile.

Basically, a good article that isn’t readable on mobile makes a very bad article.

3. You have too many ads.

I have to admit. When ThinkSpaceRides became eligible for Google Ads, I got so excited so much so I was tempted to display Google Ads everywhere on my page. (Even debated with myself if I should have an ad as my blogger header instead..). For me, it was like some sort of achievement. This means, TSR was bringing in visitors enough to be recognized by Google.

Also because I thought that the more ads I display = the higher the impression = the more $ I get.

However, I later gave this thought up and only display ads on the side bar and one or two on my post.


I did not want TSR to be flooded with ads. Plus, if I myself am using the Ad Blocker by Google Chrome, who else isn’t? I also realized that we tend to exit a page more quickly when there are too many ads. The post doesn’t flow so smoothly anymore and the website is literally puking ads we don’t want to see.

So to increase retention rate, try reducing ads on your site or at least make them as subtle as possible.


4. Your website is confusing

Say your potential client landed on your website – that’s awesome but when your website is too disorganized, web visitors will have.no.freaking.clue what they are looking at or what you are trying to tell them.

If it takes someone more than 1 minute to actually figure out what you are trying to sell, you probably have to rethink your web flow.

Key takeaway: Make it very clear on the home page the message you are trying to convey.

5: Your website does not have a goal. 

Before you do any major changes to your website… STOP! Write down the main reason why you want to have this site (besides the online exposure). Maybe you are looking to reach out to potential investors. Maybe you want to start blogging about your hobby (stand up paddle boarding, biking etc., etc.,…). Write all the reasons down and start exploring the main takeaway you want your readers to have when they reach your website.

This way, potential audience will stay. The ones that don’t have pretty much zero interest in your topic. Plus, you might not even need to make major changes to your website. Win-win.



In reality, people will leave your website eventually whether you want them to or not. We cannot change this fact. However, with the tips above, we can definitely work on ways to retain their attention and stop them from leaving too quickly.

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