How a website can help you grow your business by ten fold

I started building websites out of obsession. It was a hobby since I was twelve. Since twelve years old, I’d sit in front of the computer, looking at HTML / CSS and how I could beautify my own blog. It was (I am still doing this haha) a nerd obsession but honestly, I LOVE EVERY SINGLE NERD SECOND I SPENT.

Back then, (now defunction) was really a hit among bloggers. It provides open source html templates for – the popular blogging platform back then before the emergence of other open-source blog apps like Squarespace, wordpress etc,.

I would tweak codes, design blogs for my friends and spend hours looking at css and sometimes javascript because I wanted a website just like that other blog I saw earlier.

It was perceived as ma hobby until I saw how I was getting more opportunities from it.

What initially was a way to showcase my artwork and feelings became a source of income for me. It makes me overwhelmingly happier that I normally am because never in my life I’d have thought money can come from having a website!

I’m sharing my personal experience with you because I want you to know that having an online profile like a customized website or portfolio can change the way you do your business.

Besides my own personal experience, here are top 5 reasons why:

1. We are heavily surrounded by web addicts

Look at the people surrounding you and you will know what I am talking about. We are constantly on our mobile. There is definitely a transition in the way humans now communicate with each other. As much as we yearn for those days where phone calls were the norm, the number of phone addicts (hint: smart phones) is growing. I myself am also an addict. Which means the more needs for you to put yourself out there.

2. Google has become both a verb and a noun… but really, usually a verb.

We google everything and have become overly reliant by this online God. I notice that of myself too when I was learning PHP, Ruby and having problems with my own self esteem. Instead of heading to the library to read up self-improvement books or syntax languages, I’d instead GOOGLE:

“What is <? in PHP?”
“how to be more confident”
“Is it worth it to learn ruby on rails”

Google is our best friend and acts like a legit, high-end shopping mall for all consumers. Its niche is providing you with the best “store” (website) that would cater to your needs.

Which means, without a website you will only be attracting the same customers to your brick and mortar store. On the other hand, when you have a website (assuming they are content rich and SEO optimized), you are bringing in new, niched customers to your business.

3. A website makes you more legitimate as a business.

Having a website makes your business more personalized and plain legit. Consumers trust you more because you are more serious with your business and not just merely posting products on Instagram.

Having a website changes the way you brand your company and the way you want others to see your brand. To me, having a site (well-designed) is like wearing a really pricey, presentable dress to a party while posting your business on Instagram is more like hanging out casually with your friends.

4. A website generates leads, brings income without you having to make all the phone calls.

When your website starts generating leads (aka you are now being discovered more on Google..), the tables are now turned. Potential customers are reaching out for you and you will spend less time trying to convince your services to them – they trust you, that’s why they are calling you.

5. You spend less time explaining your service… they get you.

Customers have already read all about you on your website. They are now calling you because they are interested in your service which makes selling a whole lot easier.

Not all websites are created the same. Want to learn more about what makes a website not just pretty on the outside but also effective? Have a website that needs to be revamped? We can help.

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