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5 Reasons Why You Need An Empathetic Approach To Business

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and to see the problem in their point of view. Being empathetic requires a whole lot of humility and bravery to abandon your ego and biased opinions. Empathy is equally important in business as much as it is in relationships.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to approach your business in an empathetic way:

1. Having empathy humanizes your business

No one likes talking to a machine. Even robots are made to sound human…

2. You begin to see if your business case is viable… or not.¬†

I often find myself clouded by my own views and business perspectives. However, after starting Uxelle last year, I begin to see that sometimes, what I perceive as a business problem could have already been solved or is just a problem of my own. Having an empathetic approach allows you to shift your business focus to things or problems that matter. By understanding what your potential customers want, you will also grow to understand what they don’t want.

3. You increase your brand’s trustworthiness¬†

By understanding what your users want and giving them what they truly need, you boost your brand familiarity.

4. Your business path gets clearer than ever

Often times, the way to solve your core business problem is by applying active listening. Active listening shows empathy and tells your users that you truly care about them. This helps clarify your goal again and allows you be one step closer to your business goal.

5. You understand your potential / current users better

You cannot understand your users / customers without an empathetic approach. How could we draw up a persona of our potential customers without actually learning about them? How could we get them returning to us if we don’t know them?

So to understand them better, you need to humble yourself. Forget what you know, and begin to see their problem in their way.

Here’s a personal story:

I was using a utility app one time and had to contact their customer service for help regarding a purchase mistake. I didn’t feel they were truly listening or sincerely wanting to help me so finally, I ended up wasting my time and felt abandoned. Later, I chatted with a few other people who were also using this app. They told me they experienced the same issue and were also left frustrated and apprehensive. Some even deleted the app!

I begin to wonder if they (the app) even try to understand their users better since almost everyone I asked faced the same issue.


A lot of things could be avoided like exit rate, decreasing users return rate etc…if we get out of our train of thoughts and start listening to the frustration of users.


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