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What the heck is UX UI Design?

What the heck is UX Design? 

UX or User Experience design is a term coined by Donald Norman. Norman’s time in Apple as Apple’s User Experience Architect is the first use of UX Design. Norman proposed the idea that design should cater user’s needs. Whatever the product is, we should cater our design to meet their needs. Human-centred design then explains whether a design is effective or not.

In Norman’s own words,

 “I invented the term because I thought human interface and usability were too narrow. I wanted to cover all aspects of the person’s experience with the system including industrial design, graphics, the interface, the physical interaction, and the manual. Since then the term has spread widely, so much so that it is starting to lose it’s meaning… user experience, human centered design, usability; all those things, even affordances. They just sort of entered the vocabulary and no longer have any special meaning. People use them often without having any idea why, what the word means, its origin, history, or what it’s about.” 1

Why should you care?

You care because your business / everyday life revolves around humans and by having effective design, you will be able to tap into myriad of ways to interact with your users genuinely.

How does UX / UI Design work? 

Firstly, User Experience is not User Interface! UX and UI are interweaving terms that often get confused. UX process involves user research, market analytics, market research and the psychological aspects of your users. UX requires a lot of thinking and the process of learning about your users overtime. User Experience provokes deep thinking about how a design should feel or should be for your specific business goal.

On the other hand, UI or User Interface is the visual aspect of your product. UI creates the appeal factor for your product.

A very simple example would be a poster design. UX when you put everything into layout format. UI is when you start splashing colours onto the layout you have first planned for.

How could we prove if a design / project is effective?

We can only tell if a design is effective or not overtime from learning about your consumers, finding creative ways to test out the product and from studying their purchase behaviour. Its effectiveness could only be told after launch.

If UX and UI are so different why do designers say they are both a UX and UI designer then?

Simply because they need to show you that they put thoughts into every design created and it is not via their own imagination and perception.

However, User Experience is really deeper than that. It requires market analysis, substantial research and consistent learning. Thus it is best practice to separate the two roles – UX designer / researcher & UI Designer.

We hope we’ve answered questions you might have regarding UX UI design. Stay tuned for this space as we share with you our user insights and creative progress!



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