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    5 HTML Must-Know Tips for Anybody

    You don’t need to be a pro in coding if that’s not your profession. However, knowing basic HTML codes are definitely useful especially if you’d like to save time, or if you’d like, create your own blog pos! Better to know more than not, agree?

    1.Create links with <a href =”LINK URL HERE”> LINK NAME HERE </a>

    Linking a marketing piece to an online article? You can easily do so by typing <a href=” http://linkhere.com”> Article Title </a> which can save you quite a bit of time! Of course, alternatively, you have the option to use a tiny url link icon thats most of the time provided to you.

    2. <br/> stands for line break

    <br/> is a self-close break tag that will get your next sentence on the next line when used. Self-close means you don’t need to close it and it won’t give you any error readings… which then brings us to the next topic…


    To make it easier for you to remember, there is always an ending to a start. It is the same for any html code. If you start a paragraph break <p>, remember to close it with the closing tag </p>

    4. Spacing makes a hell lot of difference

    If you are doing a basic CSS to customize your site, remember to pay attention to spacing. For example, a:hover works but a :hover will give you an error message. Pay attention!

    5. Heading 1,  2 or 3 on your blog is literally that on HTML. 

    You write them as <h1> </h1> <h2></h2> <h3></h3>

    Not as daunting as you think right?

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