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    Ask Goldfather – A Telegram Bot

    Get the latest gold price at your finger tips with Goldfather!

    Goldfather is a telegram bot developed for a gold company, to monitor the latest gold prices.

    Currently, Goldfather is able to

    1. Provide bid and current price in USD
    2. Provide Pamp and price per kg and more in SGD / Singapore Dollars
    3. Provide price per oz in IDR (Rupiah)

    Why a telegram bot?

    A telegram bot allows users to receive information instantly with minimal interactions. This is useful for users who are only looking for a direct answer and not any form of human interactivity. By 2020, there are about 400 million telegram users from 180 million in 2017.1  A telegram bot allows you to reach these many existing users without having them to download an additional new app.

    Goldfather is still in beta process but is functional and ready to obtain live gold prices for you.

    Random things Goldfather can do:

    • Greet you
    • Direct user to the commands he currently takes
    • respond to a few vulgarity words – he is still learning to understand what form of abuse he can or cannot take. 99% of the time Goldfather doesn’t take abuse.

    Do I need a telegram bot?

    A telegram bot is usually useful for all type of businesses and individuals. However, having a telegram bot for your business totally depends on your business needs and goals. Here are a few reasons why a telegram bot could be necessary for your business growth:

    1. Answering your customers’ repetitive questions

    Do you find yourself constantly answering the same questions and the conversation died after? Then you might want to look into having a telegram bot to answer these questions before guiding your customers directly to you.

    2. Reach out potential audience / or current customers that are already on telegram

    A telegram bot makes it easier for you to nudge customers of your latest products, latest news or happenings without feeling like a nuisance.

    3. Dealing with questions that need an instant answer / live price

    For Goldfather, getting a live price with a timestamp is necessary as price fluctuates.

    4. Remind clients/customers of upcoming news or events

    Your users might want to get updated with the latest event from your company but do not want to contact you directly, or don’t know how to. Having a telegram bot allows your users to interact with your business easily.

    5. Using the bot internally

    If you still want to interact with your customers directly,  you can have the bot answer your questions before delivering these answers to your customers. Having a bot can help you save time, access resources and information easily and faster.


    With a telegram bot, you will always be at reach and your customers can get instant access to information. 

    A bot allows your customers to contact you 24/7, get the answers they need asap without having to wait for your company’s opening hours.

    Still thinking about getting a bot for your business? Unsure if a telegram bot is necessary for your business? Contact us here for a FREE assessment. We will guide you through your business needs without obligations and provide you with useful tips to help your business grow in this digital space.

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