Being able to give, is the greatest gift.

Every little thing counts. The world can be a better place when we give. We decided we want to help those who are in need and make Singapore a better place. Stay tuned for updates as we are currently working on partnering with local charity organizations.

How does UXelle donate? 

We partner with local charity organizations in Singapore and donate 5% from what we get from each project to the charity of your choice.

These charity organizations can be any cause that you believe in.

Won’t it be better if you offer us a 5% discount instead? 

We keep our rates reasonable and affordable for you as much as we can. This 5% we are giving comes at our own expense. Yes, we will earn less but there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing we’ve made a difference in someone else’s life or helped a cause.

How does this benefit me? 

Together, we are making an impact in the community. We donate because we care, because we can and we don’t take what we have for granted.  Truly, it benefits more to whom you give. Thank you for being part of this change. 🙂