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    How To Create Google Analytics Code For Your Website

    We understand your email is personal and you might be unwilling to share your password and email when getting someone to install Google Analytics for you. So here are how you can extract the code yourself and what you can give to the developer installing Google Analytics for your site.

    1. Sign in / Create an Analytics account with Google.

    You can do so here.

    2. Once signed in, click on the admin button located at the bottom left of the dashboard

    3. You will see three tabs: Account, Property and View. Click on the “Create Property” Button

    4. Follow through the steps. You will be asked the type of online product you are trying to measure, and choose either Website, Mobile App or Both.

    5. Add your website details. (In this case,  I picked website as the product I want to measure)

    6. Copy the code provided and share it with your developer or if you know how, add the code to your site

    And TADA~ You’re done!  You’ve successfully created the Analytics Code for your new website or application. Happy tracking!

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