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    The thought process behind our website revamp

    I am so excited to share with you our new website. I developed and designed uxelle.co from scratch to cater to details that a theme can’t achieve. While themes work for simple projects, most themes lack the interface experience we desire. Additionally, a theme usually houses redundant plugins which can end up slowing down the website and clogging its server. I will write more on this next time. For now, I would like to share with you the thought process that goes behind developing uxelle.co.

    Uxelle.co is developed to cater these four main needs: 1) readability, 2) experience 3) interactivity 4) responsiveness. Some of these needs are reflected with the icons below:



    Readability and Experience


    I love the colour black. It is only in darkness that we see light. I look at the sky at night and realized the stars would have never shined so bright without the dark sky. Darkness is necessary. This is why uxelle.co has to be in black…! Also, nowadays, many users have their phones on dark screen mode. A website not fitted to this mode can sometimes look terrifyingly wrong. So black it is for uxelle.co!

    The challenge with a black theme website comes while creating its blog page. Unfortunately, reading an article feels better on a white screen. So to cater to both night and day mode, I decided to allow users transition between both “light” and “dark” theme. The main theme for uxelle.co is still black, but reader has the option to switch to day mode if they prefer. One thing to note, this option is not saved throughout your web experience here. The website still looks better in black in my opinion, so I don’t want you to save white as your setting for this website.

    Recommending a new article after the next

    I’m not sure how many of you actually read a lengthy article till the end. Unless it’s super interesting, or if you are a professor or an avid reader of all things… or unless you are the writer… hmm…I think overall, our attention span on the web is really short. This is why I decided for the blog page, mid way through a lengthy blog article, I have to recommend articles to reduce exit and bounce rate and subtly hint other articles available on the website. I need you to stay longer here! Don’t leave!




    Crappy Presentation

    A website is either a utility or a presentation of information online. If it is a utility, no matter how ugly your site is, users have little choice but to still use it…until a better one comes… then the demise is fast. Remember how Facebook came along and subtly destroyed other social sites like hi5 and Friendster? Still it doesn’t happen overnight, so a crappy useful site usually survives longer.

    However, if it is a website filled with information, which a lot of websites are, users do not need to stay on for too long. Leaving a crappy presentation is easier and a lot faster online as no one is watching. This is why web interactivity is important.

    Just for fun

    Not sure if you noticed, but on uxelle.co’s homepage, the letters “UX UI” appears on the right hand side of the screen when you hover on the text heading that’s next to it. This is probably unnecessary but I personally think is this unencessity is important to have as it adds “surprises” to the website that is filled with information. I might change this in the future, who knows!

    The Correct Response

    What if I tilt? 

    Responsiveness always comes with a big headache. While developing uxelle.co, I know I cannot cater to everyone’s phone sizes and tablets. BUT there is no settling until I’ve tried! So I catered this website to the tiniest amount of population who browse websites with their phones tilted (please tell me why do you? But okay…)

    I strongly believe responsiveness should be for all screen sizes, or at least for recent devices.

    Responsiveness is not just about adjusting web page columns to fit the respective screen it is on. Responsiveness is also about readability and functionality. While developing uxelle.co, I thus placed much emphasis on having “the correct response” instead of having it as “responsive”.  The image below is how the website looks tilted on an iphone 12+.


    Please answer

    Now that you have reached this far, you should have seen a “subscribe to my newsletter” prompt on your screen midway. This pop up has no “X” icon as I want you to respond to the form. It is aggressive I know, but you have all the rights to say no. You just can’t ignore the question posed to you.

    What’s next?

    While the website is ready, there are still other implementations I’d like to implement in the future. So stay tuned! More to come.

    PS:  Also, if you rejected /missed the first email pop up that appeared earlier, and changed your mind about subscribing to our newsletter, feel free to sign up via the contact form on this website.

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